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:  MEATHOOK! (Give the girl a)
Release Date:  July 4th, 1982

Notes:  The blockbuster EP featuring songs made famous during the notorious Summer 1982 tour of Southern California culminating with the private party at the Casa De Gallop, and the infamous "swimming pool incident".

Side One:

2. Ya Mother!

Side Two:
1. Little Puppies!
2. Untitled


Yo Mama!

Title:  F.O.A.D.
Release Date:  March 15, 1985

Notes:  After retreating in to the studio for over a year, the result was dark, avant-garde and commercially unsuccessful.  Critics today agree that despite the lack of commercial success, this album remains an artistic failure.
Side One:
1.  Round Head
2.  St. Pauli Girl
3.  F.O.A.D
4.  Spatula of Doom
5.  Death Mobile

Side Two:
1.  Zoom Zoom Zoom
2.  Valiant!
3.  Can of Beans
4.  Hork!

Title:  Covers and Blankets (Smallpox)
Release Date:  October 4, 1987

Notes:  Depression over the commercial failure but critically derided second album drove the band apart.  While in seclusion in Palm Beach, work was begun on an album of cover tunes.  The result remembered as a favorite by fans that do not exist.
Side One:
1.  Oklahoma!
2.  Life is a Cabaret
3.  Rebel Rouser
4.  Knock Three Times

Side Two:
1.  Love will keep us together
2.  I Think I love You
3.  Muskrat Love
4. The Candy Man
Rebel Rouser
martini.jpg (86222 bytes) Title:  Blue Martini
Release Date:  3Q11

Notes:  Returning after a nearly 25 year hiatus.  The latest Cool Whips album promises to be  as unsuccessful and unsatisfying as their previous releases.   Preview of the track SoS promises that fans will be disappointed!
Track Listing to be announced.

1. Surfers on Sedatives (SoS)

Surfers on Sedatives (SoS)